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Over the past few months both my husband and I have developed quite a
Posted 04th July 2012        

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Over the past few months both my husband and I have developed quite a taste for rosé – a wine we have always tended to avoid, although I’m not quite sure why.

But anyway, this evening we have opened a 2010 Hardy’s Crest Rosé from South Eastern Australia and if ever there was a wine that could sum up the taste of summer perfectly then this is it.

With each sip you are hit with a luscious combination of syrupy sweet strawberries and raspberries and a subtle note of floral honey: a real symphony of sun-ripened summer fruits.

I never buy my wine to match my food, I know I should but we always eat earlier than we drink, very rarely having wine with our meal; and, because of the slightly sweet, honeyed red berry notes this gorgeous wine possesses, I’m having difficulty deciding which dishes this rosé would make the perfect accompaniment to.

After giving the matter a bit of thought I have come to the conclusion that this wine would contrast beautifully (I think) with a selection of nice cheeses, good, full flavoured cheeses (not Dairylea triangles or those processed pieces of plastic you slap on top of a burger) or maybe even a tasty seafood dish.

However, saying that, I also think that this delicious Rosé would make a great accompaniment to a sweeter dish, perhaps a citrusy cheesecake or a huge bowl of tropical fruit salad.

This would also be a fabulous wine for sharing with friends at a picnic or barbecue or even just enjoying whilst sat in the garden soaking up the last of the early evening sunshine and breathing in those evocative, heady garden scents.

Unfortunately, due to our back yard being taken over by two raucous, vicious tongued fourteen-year-old girls camping out in their tent, hubby and I are banished to the living room. Bang goes any thoughts of a romantic evening beneath the stars unless we want to sit and listen to conversations about the hottest guy in school or what so and so said to so and so, what a bitch, know what I’m saying, OMG.

But, despite being segregated to the house, it’s not a big problem because I’m thoroughly enjoying this wine and have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter where you are when you drink this rosé just so long as you have good company and an extra bottle or two chilling nicely in the fridge.

As usual, as with all the wines I pick (unless it’s a really special occasion), the price of this delicious vino was a very reasonable £5.99 but I managed to scoop up a few bottles at the reduced price of £4.99 from my much loved local Tesco store.

Image by Flo Wilson.


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