Meet the Author: kirstywilson
Kirsty Wilson
Kirsty Wilson works as a freelance writer and lives with her two nightmare children and biker husband in the village of Malborough in 'sunny' Devon. She discovered her love of writing from an early age and vowed that, one day, she would earn a living doing what she loved the most. Kirsty’s second love, apart from the nightmare kids and hubby, is wine, be it red, white or rosé, and Kirsty loves the challenge of being able to unearth a good wine for as little cost as possible. Now Kirsty has the best of both worlds as writing wine reviews for and allows her to combine the two things she is most passionate about.

Hardy’s Crest 2010 Rosé

Over the past few months both my husband and I have...

Crow’s Landing Chardonnay 2010

We have opened our first bottle a bit later than usual...

Tagus Creek Chardonnay and Fernao Pires 2010

Well, it’s Friday yet again and, to continue with out Date...

OGIO Californian White Zinfandel 2010

I intend to shock you all this week by telling you...

FirstCape Pinot Grigio 2011 from the Discovery Series

Tonight I have chosen a 2011 Romanian Pinot Grigio from the...

Berberana Carta de Plata

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself; I’d had a productive...

Cape Fairtrade Chenin Blanc Colombard 2011

Finally, it’s 9pm and I can sit down with my husband,...