Terra Andina Sauvignon Blanc 2009

SAUVIGNON BLANC CHILE ODDBINS 13.5% Screw Cap £5.99 Buy 6 for only £4.47 each – Save 20% Mixable Drink
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  • 13.5%
  • Screw Cap
  • £5.99
  • Buy 6 for only £4.47 each – Save 20% Mixable
  • Drink within 2 years

This bottle has a lovely eye catching label depicting the mountainous Andes mountain range that would certainly draw your eyes to the shelf. The name Terra Andina means ‘Land of the Andes’ which invokes ideas of mystery and the ancient past.

This though is an affordable, good quality, modern and friendly ‘New World’ wine.

Learning about wine tasting, my latest quest is to know all about the meniscus. I turned my glass on its side to see if I could see the meniscus in this wine and although it is harder to see in white wine I managed it. Meniscus is the rim of the wine in the glass and shows how concentrated the wine is and also the age, this showed a young wine but with high alcohol content.

I have a soft spot for Chilean wines and this did not disappoint me, I chilled it well and although the main suggestion is to drink with seafood and poultry we went for the hint of spice suggestion by paring it with a Chinese take away. This pale straw coloured wine went extremely well with all the dishes we chose including spicy duck!

Slightly dry with flavours of mainly tangerine and peach with a tinge of honey make this a beautifully structured white wine and pleasant to drink. Our friends said it has a sunshine aftertaste! (Meaning what I take to remind them of drinking wine on a hot sunny day).

The wine maker keeps this wine in contact with the lees (A heavy sediment consisting of dead yeast cells and other solid matter such as grape pulp ) for one to three months, this is said to be beneficial to the wine by getting more flavour especially if they are stirred from time to time. The stirring is called Battonage – just a little wine making information for you!

I enjoyed this wine with a distinctive green grape flavour! So I give it 8.5/10.


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