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First Steps in Wine

I have to admit before I go any further that I know very little
Posted 14th January 2009        

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I have to admit before I go any further that I know very little about wine at this stage.

What do I know at the moment?

I like white wine but generally don’t know what I like. I prefer dry to sweet and don’t like vanilla flavours or anything over oaked. I’ve occasionally enjoyed a red wine but found that harder to get into and so I know even less. I would tend to just look for grapes that I recognise and buy those without knowing much about the wine maker etc. This means I probably would buy Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio & occasionally Chardonnay. I’m probably the sucker that believes the supermarket when they tell me the wine used to cost double and so I’d buy what’s on offer.

And for the future?

Well in 2009 I hope to change all that. My background is the internet and marketing but I want to develop this site and it’s sister site about Red Wine to be great online wine resources. I’ll need to find people who know much more than me and work hard to see what I can learn. I’m booked on a one day course in a couple of weeks so that will be a start and I’ve got a pile of reading to do as well 🙂

Get involved?

If you know more than me about wine (it’s not hard!) and might be interested in writing for this blog then get in touch and let me know more information.

Please also get in touch if you are interested in early opportunities to advertise on the two sites ( and also if you have wine you would like reviewed then please get in touch and I’ll make sure someone in the know has a taste and does a review for the site.


2 Responses to “First Steps in Wine”

  1. I wonder if you could give some feedback from the one day course. Was it worthwhile? I am considering to do something like that myself.

  2. Hi Neil – thanks for your comment and sorry for taking so long to approve it and reply.

    It was a great course and I’ll be writing it up soon so check back or subscribe to the feed at the top right of the site and look out for something soon 🙂

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