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French Connection Champagne

Thanks to Sarah at Bottle Green I was able to sample this Champagne
Posted 14th October 2010        

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Thanks to Sarah at Bottle Green I was able to sample this Champagne recently. The champagne has been launched to celebrate 10 years of French Connection Wines (no connection to a certain clothing company!) It’s fairly new in the UK, stocked in Morrisons and priced at £19.99 The producer is Les Roches Blanches and according to the French Connection Wines website that’s “located in Dizy in the Marne Valley on the road between Épernay and Rheims in the heart of Champagne.”

Having just published an article on Wine & Social Media it’s nice to see that French Connection are present on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube. It looks like early days on most of the accounts but I think it could be a big asset to French Connection once they get them developed a bit more.

Nick Butler is the winemaker and I’ll let him introduce himself here.

The champagne itself was enjoyable and really full of citrus fruit – lime, lemon and hints of apple. Nothing subtle about it and I can’t recall tasting a champagne that was quite so fruity. Perhaps not what everyone would expect but it went down very well for us as an aperitif.

French Connection aim to place the champagne somewhere between a supermarket own brand and the grande marques like Bollinger, Moet et Chandon etc. Perhaps that’s a hard spot to find with many good own brand Champagnes but this looks to be a good start. There is also a Premier Cru champagne priced at £24.99 and a Rosé Champagne too.


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