Tagus Creek Chardonnay and Fernao Pires 2010

Well, it’s Friday yet again and, to continue with out
Posted 21st May 2012        

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Well, it’s Friday yet again and, to continue with out Date Night theme, I decided to email my husband at work and ask him to pick up a bottle of his choice from Tesco on his way home.

Okay, so that isn’t quite how it happened. I actually emailed a list of strict instructions for him to follow; pick up something nice for tea, something which will also be suitable for our six-year-old son to eat (the girl child is out for the night) – preferably not an extra hot chilli or chicken jalfrezi – grab a few bags of snacks (you have to have snacks on a Friday night when your watching Dexter) and pick a nice bottle of wine (for my review); your choice of colour but not too expensive. I’m embarrassed to say I even added how much he could spend on each item. But, fair play to the old boy, he returned with everything on the list and even a bit of change in his pocket.

The wine which hubby has chosen for an evening with his overbearing, bossy old cow of a wife is a 2010 Chardonnay and Fernao Pires blend from Portugal called Tagus Creek.

This wine is a beautiful pale silvery gold in colour and the very first thing I notice, on tasting, is a gorgeous, rich peachy flavour. After the initial peachy punch comes a bucket load of other wonderful fruity flavours: plump ripe grapes, obviously, followed by green apples – more Granny Smith than Golden Delicious: tart but juicy.

I always ask my husband for his opinion on the wines we drink for the reviews and, so far, his feed back for every bottle we have consumed has been “Well, it’s easy to drink”. But tonight he has picked up on something I haven’t, a hint of lemon.

What a harmonious conglomeration of fresh and fruity notes from this clean, crisp and perfectly chilled little number. My fridge is obviously working properly once again.

After reading Alya’s recent review on the white site I was actually quite shocked to discover that Chardonnay is a particularly hated variety in some drinking circles. Although this wine is produced from a blend of both Chardonnay and Fernao Pires grape varieties, I think it is absolutely delicious and, after hearing about the Chardonnay hate campaign, I am determined to drink more of the stuff.

I really don’t see the problem, I will, of course, try a true Chardonnay next to give these Chardonnay haters the benefit of the doubt but, in my opinion, this one is definitely a winner so all that I have to say on the matter is “Woo hoo, Chardonnay all the way, yeah!”. Stick that in your pipes and smoke it all you Chardonnay haters. (Actually, that’s just me trying to sound tough, I’m not really so please don’t send me any Chardonistic hate mail).

And to summarise: after a rather romantic meal of southern fried chicken and chips I wanted to unwind, chill out and get comfortable on the sofa ready for a night of serious vegging out. This wine has enabled me to achieve all those crucial things and so, as far as I am concerned, has done its job perfectly. An added bonus is that hubby managed to pick up this lovely white for the very reasonable (price-drop) cost of £4.79. Good boy!


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