“2012 EWBC Digital Wine Comms Conference – A Huge Success!”

Mucho buzzo around the combination of web and wine ...
Posted 21st November 2012        

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Well, they would say that wouldn’t they?

Still, there’s much buzz around the combination of web and wine, and rightly so. If any industry could do with a dusting off, it’s this one.

And if inspirational piano music, montages and talking heads are the way to do that, then here’s a very exciting video:

If you enjoyed that video there are some much longer ones on the EWBC digital wine etc. website; including a debate about natural wines that’s over an hour long(!)

This is more one for industry bods than humble wine-drinkers such as you and I, and to be honest I have no idea how I ended up on the mailing list for this – but my wife received the email too so perhaps it was literally sent to everyone in the world?

If nothing else it’s made me curious about Turkish wine.

Were you in Izmir recently for the digital wine communications conference? Let us know what you gained from the experience in the comments section.


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