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In recent years the supermarkets have raised their game when it comes to their
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In recent years the supermarkets have raised their game when it comes to their range of own-label wines. Not so long ago buying a supermarket branded white wine would have been regarded as lacking in taste but when so many supermarket own-label wines are featuring amongst the award winners in some of the world’s most prestigious wine competitions wine drinkers today would be fools not to give them a try.

Like many of the supermarkets, Asda has two ranges of white wine. Its standard range showcases a wide variety of white wine grapes and styles with the aim of demonstrating to customers that they don’t have to part with large sums of money to buy good quality wine. Most of Asda’s standard own label white wines are priced at £5.00 or under.

Asda’s prestige range is sold under the Extra Special label and features a variety of white wine grapes and styles from some of the world’s top white wine regions and producers. The Extra Special wines cost a little more but are generally favourably priced compared with equivalent branded white wines.

Asda’s extensive range of white wine and sparkling wine boasts an impressive number of awards. Its Extra Special Fairtrade Chenin Blanc 2010 and Extra Special Champagne 2002 both scooped gold awards at the Decanter World Wine Awards. The Chenin Blanc comes from the Western Cape region of South Africa and is produced by Fairhills, a major Fairtrade project. This white wine is described by Asda’s Master of Wine Philippa Carr as “full of honey and appley aromas with a beautifully smooth flavour” and it costs £6.98.

Other Asda award winning white wines include the Extra Special Fiano 2010 which was given a silver award at the International Wine Challenge (IWC). This Italian white wine from Sicily is described by Philippa Carr as having “intense aromas of passion fruit, lemon and ripe apple”. Ms Carr says it is “perfect for a treat” but at just £5.00 a bottle it is affordable enough to become a regular treat.

It’s hard not to find something appealing amongst Asda’s extensive Extra Special range of white wines. It includes everything from Australian Chardonnay and Riesling to French Viognier and Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

Its Australian and New Zealand selection includes an “elegant, creamy and traditional” Chardonnay from South Australia’s Adelaide Hills. This white wine, which was commended in the IWC, is made at Bridgewater Mill, the winery behind the prestige Adelaide Hills Petaluma wine brand. It’s a snip at just £7.98. There’s also a Clare Valley Riesling produced by the highly respected Knappstein winery which was commended in the Decanter awards. At £7.98 it is competitively priced for a Clare Valley Riesling. The Extra Special New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, which won an IWC Bronze award, comes from the famous Wither Hills winery in the Marlborough region and costs an excellent value £7.48.

Asda’s Extra Special French white wines have scooped a number of awards between them. The Alsace Gewurztraminer won a bronze award at the IWC and the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) and was commended at the Decanter awards whilst the Extra Special Chablis, Domaine de la Levee won a bronze IWC award. The Extra Special Viognier won a bronze IWC award and a silver best in class award at the IWSC. All of these award winning wines are priced between £7 and £9.50 and are worth seeking out.

Italian award winners include the Extra Special Soave Classico as well as the aforementioned Fiano. The Soave Classico won bronze medals at both the IWC and IWSC and is described as having “elegant mineral and peach notes with a hint of almonds and a deliciously fruity finish” by Ms Carr. It costs just £5.98.

Asda’s standard range of white wines hasn’t been left behind in the award stakes. Look out for the Australian Chardonnay which was commended by the IWC and costs £4.38 and the New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc which won a Decanter bronze medal and was commended in the IWC. It costs £5.98 and these two award winning white wines prove that you don’t have to pay over the odds for good quality New World whites.

Amongst the French own-label white wines Asda’s Chablis; Petit Chablis and Marsanne Vin de Pays d’Oc have all won awards from the major competitions. The Chablis and Petit Chablis are priced at £7.65 and £7.27 respectively and the Marsanne costs £4.00. Italian award winners include Asda’s Frascati which was commended by both Decanter and the IWC and costs just £3.80. Asda’s Orvieto Abbocato; Pinot Grigio Delle Venezia; Verdicchio Classico and Sicilian white wine are all award winners too and are all competitively priced at around £4.00 to £5.00.

Asda’s South African Cape Chenin Blanc was commended by Decanter and costs just £3.57. Look out too for Asda’s Argentinean Torrentes which won a silver IWC award and costs £4.98 and the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc which has a bronze IWC award and is priced at £3.98. Asda’s Californian Fruity White Wine costs £4.13 and won a Decanter commendation.

With so many award winners amongst its competitively priced range of own label white wines it should be worth a browse along Asda’s white wine aisle or in the wine section of its groceries website.


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