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When summer sunshine makes an appearance in the UK, it’s the only place I
Posted 27th August 2012        

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When summer sunshine makes an appearance in the UK, it’s the only place I want to be.

Generally, summertime forecasts tend to go something like this: grizzly grey clouds, rain, light showers, a hopeful break in the clouds, more rain, lighter grizzly grey clouds, humidity, thunder….repeat.

But in and amongst all of these depressing weather occurrences, just as it gets to mental breakdown point, we will be blessed with a few days of gorgeous sunshine. When this happens Britons can only do one thing – head to the nearest open area, take off as much clothing deemed appropriate for public display and assume the sunbathing position. This is an age-old British tradition that has been practiced generation after generation, and unless our lovely little grey isle decides to make a drastic climate change, I see no end to our WWW, or wonderful weather worshiping (synonym: Wet Weather Whining). Staple accompaniments to this tradition include friends, the occasional pet, food and a selection of Pimms, beer and wine.

If you’re by the seaside you flock to the beach. If you’re a countryside dweller, you’ll head to a lush field, and if you’re a Londoner like me, you head to your nearest park. Failing that, the nearest green patch, or in some states of emergency, your office building’s flower bed. Whatever it takes!

Last Sunday was one of these ideal days in London: hot, sunny, gorgeous. Maybe a touch on the humid side, but complaining about that just seemed downright spoilt. Like my fellow London lemmings, I followed the sun all the way to the park with some friends for an afternoon of weather worshipping and picnicking. Our continental feast, a spread of French bread, cheese and Parma ham, was accompanied by a delicious bottle of 2010 Rosa Bianca Pinot Grigio that I picked up from one of my favorite merchants, The Salusbury Wine Store.

For me, Rosé is the quintessential summertime wine. It’s light, dry, and most importantly, refreshing – a necessity when it comes to hot summer days and balmy evenings. This Rosa Bianca Pinot Grigio is a light sun kissed Rose hailing from Veneto; North-Eastern Italy’s famed wine region. The wine’s light Salmon color and its beautiful flowered label immediately caught my eye in the shop – it seemed to encapsulate the very essence of summer.

On the nose, I gather faint hints of Braeburn apple, wild strawberries, passion fruit and lemon zest. The scents are subtle and delicate, but they add a fantastic layer to this seemingly simple and straightforward wine. On the palette, the zesty Pinot Grigio grapes deliver an ultra-light spritzy wine bursting with citrus notes of tangy pink grapefruit, Meyer lemon and Tuscan blood orange, all rounded off with a clean and mellowed mineral finish. This is an easy-drinking wine that would pair well with a light meal or on its own as a pre-dinner aperitif. It complimented our lunch and summer surroundings extremely well – so much so, that I couldn’t help feeling like I actually was under the Tuscan, or in this case Venetian, sun.

If you’re in London, you can purchase 2010 Rosa Bianca Pinot Grigio from Salisbury Wine Store for £7.00


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