FirstCape Pinot Grigio 2011 from the Discovery Series

Tonight I have chosen a 2011 Romanian Pinot Grigio from the FirstCape Discovery
Posted 20th April 2012        

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Tonight I have chosen a 2011 Romanian Pinot Grigio from the FirstCape Discovery Series.

The Discovery Series is a selection of wines produced from a blend of grapes sourced from carefully chosen vineyards, worldwide.

The first thing I notice about this white is the slight fizzly tickle as it hits the tongue. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, I’m not sure that wine should have a fizz unless it’s sparkling but it’s certainly not unpleasant and makes a nice change from the flat, watery wines that I’ve tried lately.

This wine, despite being light and easy to drink, has an oomph to it and a pleasing acidic tang. It has a clean, fresh flavour combined with a slight saltiness. I can taste a nice blend of apples and pears and a very subtle hint of lemon sorbet. I say lemon sorbet because it isn’t strong enough to liken to lemon peel and has a distinct citrusy sweetness to it, much like you’d find with a sorbet.

I have also noticed something else with this bouncy little number, a distinct tinge of quince: tart but flavoursome and rounding off the fruity combinations nicely.

I don’t know much about Romanian wine – well let’s face it, I don’t really know much about wine full stop – but this one is, from my amateur point of view, very yummy indeed.

I can easily imagine drinking this wine on a warm summer’s evening whilst enjoying an alfresco supper with friends. This is a good, honest wine which would go really well with grilled or barbecued seafood, a vibrant, leafy salad and perhaps a hearty chunk or two of Mediterranean tomato and olive bread.

The girls would love that, in fact I can almost hear the raucous laughter and the ensuing topics of conversation as a result of my friends and I consuming two or three bottles of this easy going white. This wine could be responsible for opening many a can of worms, but in a good way. It’s a conversation starter that you’ll have trouble trying to stop.

What I tend to look for in a wine is something which is enjoyable but uncomplicated, something not too pompous or frilly, not too pretentious and, of course, good value for money. This wine is all that and is one that I would certainly have no hesitation in buying again. Actually, I quite look forward to the prospect of drinking this wine again in the not too distant future.

My husband picked this wine up in Tesco and, in keeping with our usual wine buying ritual, paid just £4 per bottle. However, this was a price drop and the usual cost of this wine is £5.99.

Image by Flo Wilson.


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