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Chenin Blanc – Premium Kirabo – Worcester

This vivacious Chenin Blanc from Worcester has a bright glittering colour, displaying big aromas
Posted 10th April 2009        

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This vivacious Chenin Blanc from Worcester has a bright glittering colour, displaying big aromas of dry apricots with a long fruit finish.

The grape’s natural balance of acidity and high natural sugar content tastes sublime in this beautiful wine from one of my favourite boutique growers

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Kirabo means ‘a gift from God’ – an African tale of a man who shot and wounded an elephant, only to see another one rush to the rescue…the hunter leaves the scene, intending to return for the valuable tusks. A month later he returns to find the animal still alive in the same spot, having been cared for by its faithful mate…..

This small boutique winery, owned by Pieter and Karen Le Roux, is situated high on the steep south-west facing slopes of the Sidu Mountains in the Breedekloof Valley, less than 1-hours drive from Cape Town. This exclusive, boutique wine cellar produces only 3,400 bottles per cultivar, with the wine being wood-matured for 24 months, resulting in a long finish with good structure. The cool summer evening conditions and the silex based soil enables the grapes to ripen slowly without over-producing and gives Kirabo wines their special character.

The most exciting aspect of these Kirabo wines is that they carry buckets-full of fruit, are easy drinking and leave the palate clean.


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