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I was feeling pretty pleased with myself; I’d had a productive day, finished up
Posted 11th April 2012        

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I was feeling pretty pleased with myself; I’d had a productive day, finished up all my articles, been paid, and thought I deserved a treat. So I kitted hubby out with a credit card and rucksack and sent him on his merry way to pick up some ‘vino’.

9pm, the drinking hour, is upon us again and it’s time to uncork. But the damn corkscrew is not in the cutlery drawer. It’s not in the next drawer down either, or the next, arghhhhh!

Panic over, it’s sitting on the back of the kitchen worktop and I think it’s mocking me. It must have seen the sheer horror on my face at the thought of having four perfectly good bottles of wine in the fridge and not being able to drink them.

Damn you, corkscrew!

Tonight we are indulging in a Spanish Berberana Carta de Plata produced from Airen grapes.

I have to say I wasn’t entirely sure about my husband’s choice we don’t often drink Spanish. No real reason, we just tend to stick to what we know; but branching out is good, and so, with no further ado, I will uncork, pour and swig.

Nice, light and subtly fruity and, unfortunately for me, another wine that is very easy to drink. Good job it’s Saturday tomorrow.

I think it could have done with a bit more chilling – my fault not the wine’s – but it’s certainly very palatable. This is the type of wine that, if I decided to be ladylike and drink a couple of glasses as an accompaniment to a proper meal rather than a packet of bacon frazzles, would go really nicely with a juicy salmon fillet, new potatoes and lightly steamed asparagus tips with a rich, buttery sauce.

I could just eat that right now.

The bottle does say good with seafood and, although I’m no expert, I would absolutely have to agree. Actually the smooth, subtle combination of apple and lemon would also compliment a slightly spicier dish, perhaps Thai style prawns. This wine would be perfect for taking the edge off a Prik kee noo chilli.

I must be honest and say that this wouldn’t be my top choice but I would definitely buy this wine again, there’s something almost comforting about it, something that says “Just relax and let me rub your shoulders for you”.

I, or rather hubby, picked this wine up in Tesco for a very reasonable £4. This was a special offer however but you can still enjoy this bottle of white for a mere £6 full retail price.

Just be warned, it really is very easy to drink!

Image by Flo Wilson.


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