Marques de Caceres Young White 2009

WHITE RIOJA SPAIN Screw Top 12.5% Oddbins (Buyers Choice case of 6 mixed) £7.49 Buy 6 for only £5.99 each
Posted 22nd March 2011        

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  • Screw Top
  • 12.5%
  • Oddbins
  • (Buyers Choice case of 6 mixed)
  • £7.49
  • Buy 6 for only £5.99 each – Save 20% Mixable
  • Drink young within 21 months

White Rioja is not a wine I am that familiar with, it is made from the Viura grape and I can honestly say this is not a grape that I am particularly familiar with either.

On looking up the grape, I find that Marques de Caceres white wine is made from 100% of the Viura grape, which is also known as the Macabeo grape. The grapes are not macerated, but fermented cold between 15 and 20°C in stainless steel vats.

The region these grapes are from is called the Rioja Alta which is in the Basque area of Northern Spain South of the river Ebro.

I chilled the bottle and took it around to a friend’s house to drink as an aperitif. It is also recommended to go well with fish, rice and pasta dishes.

On opening the bottle there was a lovely aroma of citrus fruitiness and the colour was of a pale almost clear lemon. On the first slurp we found this a very clean, dry, simple uncomplicated wine with a good refreshing zap on the tongue with a slight zingy acidity. The label we thought was not a great indication of how good the wine is and the small lettering did not lend itself to seeing the producer. This is a very modern wine with great drinkable quality. We give it a huge 8/10 which could be higher but as we are virgins to this type of wine we had nothing to compare it to.

We found this Spanish white wine outstanding and flavoursome, just like discovering a whole new world as a baby, and it left us wanting more so will be out tomorrow stocking up.

Being a red Rioja lover I could be converted to the white variety which is full of elegance and charm, and I would love to go on a wine tour of the region!


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